perform tests for wells drilling equipment in accordance with technical specifications  «»   Site survives for technical and logistics needs  «»   Drilling and surface testing services  «»   Welding inspection and quality control  «»   ISO certification  «»  


As a result of the accumulation of our previous experience in the field of transportation and oil services, the establishment of the company Alqsoaa oil services in 2014, and the management team of individuals with sufficient practical experience to qualify them to take the initiative in many activities with the competence to achieve the goals and desires of companies and oil entrepreneurs in the form Sound, safe and completely satisfactory.

Our Goals

Through providing good and satisfactory offers to the client, we aspire to be the effective and efficient party to complete the agreed upon studies of engineering for oil projects, supplying the necessary materials to the operator and the final beneficiary, or maintenance of its equipment, without services, maintaining the rules and regulations of security and safety and protecting the surrounding environment For the project we will have reached our high goal which is the achievement of our work.

Our vision

Unlimited prospects, where we work to be quality and workmanship are the two spokesmen for our business, the graduation of the field is not difficult, and the face of the odds are contained, we accept the challenge to prove our worth.

God grants success.

Chairman of Board of Directors

Salem Turki